Whatsapp Takes One step Forward Towards Sharing


WhatsApp has long been used as a medium to share photos videos and even Word Documents and for those files that weren’t supported on it, users tens to go the long route by uploading them first on the cloud and sharing the link for download. There are other several other work arounds including third party apps to get your unsupported file from one sender to another, but it appers WhatsApp no longer wants you to use those. The company is said to be testing support for all types of file transfers (including Archives ) on Android, iPhone and Windows phone with a limited number of users removing any hindrance of file sharing on WhatsApp.

WABetalnfo spotted this roll out and claims that it’s a Phased one some users in countries like India and Sri Lanka have reported that support has arrived. There are other several other uses that do not see it still. However, it can be expected to roll out this feature out to everyone in the due course of time. The for sharing limit is 128 MB on IOS, 64 MB on web and 100 MB on Android

This new feature will now allow you to share video in wide variety of video formats MP3 song or even APK files for that matter on WhatsApp. As of now it’s now certain what type of file checking system it has put into place to prevent transfer of Malicious or booby trapped files. The Other neat additional noted by the tipster in that with the new sharing feature WhatsApp . Also allow you to send uncompressed photos and videos without compromising on resolution, but the ceiling limit is too low for high quality videos clips of sufficient length.

Presumably this cap has been enforced to not overwhelm WhatsApp servers with huge files. WhatsApp is also trip to be working on the recall features that allows you to undo a message send to someone and also working on bringing the new status feature on the WhatsApp web

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