How To Play YouTube Videos in Background [Simple Way]


Why Youtube Won’t Let you Play There Videos in Background?

Youtube is most popular video hosting service which makes money from video ads So if we start playing every videos in the background then there will be no I ads and the company make no revenue so long story short YouTube won’t let you play videos in the background, and it won’t other application to play it as well!

So how to play video in the Background?

There are several simple ways to play Youtube videos in Background in Android and IOS as well, so let’s check them out!


Simply what you have to do is Install Mozilla Firefox from the Play Store. Then Open Up the Youtube App and share the Youtube with Mozilla Firefox or copy the share link from YouTube app. And then paste the link on search bar, after the page fully load force the Page to Load in Desktop Mode from three dots in Top-Right Cormer this will help video to buffer fast and then Minimize the Firefox.


In IOS you don’t need to install any application. Only thing you need is the Safari Browser. So what you have to do is open the yputube and copy the link of the video which you want to play and then copy the shareable link. and then paste the link on Safari Browser, and then Minimize the Browser. Damm! your video is start playing in the background now!

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